$800 for a GREAT gaming laptop? – Acer Nitro 5 Showcase

This right here is $800 worth of laptop. Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but Acer (who sponsored this video, by the way, thank you Acer) is particularly proud of what they’ve managed to pack into their eighth generation Nitro 5. So let’s crack this bad boy open and have a look at it, shall we? All right, so while I pack these boxes open, let’s talk the specs of this thing.

It’s got a Core i5 processor (Which again doesn’t sound “gaming” or anything) but if you look a little closer at the specs, the 8th Gen Core i5 8300H, (which is what this thing is equipped with) is actually nearly identical to the last generation Core i7 7700HQ which was kind of the “de facto” standard for gaming laptops. So consider this: Over one generation we are getting slightly better performance actually and at $128 less on the CPU alone so that is a BIG part of why Acer was able to hit this fairly aggressive price point As for the rest of the specs, it’s got 8GB of RAM, which as we talked about recently, for gaming anyway, (you know I can’t say anything for Chrome users) but for gaming anyway, it’s still enough even in current year 2018. It’s got 256GB of SSD storage so we have finally gotten to the point where even for like “value models” like this one, we don’t have to rely on a larger hard drive in order to have enough space to install a few games, with the fact that it’s a PCI Express based SSD being an extra bonus. AND it’s got a GTX 1050 Ti.

So the biggest difference between a 10 Series card, like what we’ve got here, and the last generation 9 series GeForce cards is that it used to be that the mobile version was a cut-down version of what was in some cases not even the same GPU at all, so a 970M, for example, was actually a desktop 960, and then a 950M, which would have been the like, similar position in the product stack to this one, was… (I don’t even know what that thing was). So the 1050 Ti is over 100% faster than the 950M that you would have gotten in an $800 laptop in years past. So the point I’m trying to make here is that at this price with these specs, you’re going to get a GREAT experience in eSports titles, like you’ll be able to crank them and I’d be surprised if you ever dropped a frame, and then even in triple A titles you should be able to drive this 1080p panel at its native resolution at like medium settings. So all that’s left here is for us to uninstall Norton… “You may have to download (Norton) consumer product removal tool…” … and go ahead and get some games installed in Steam so we can take it for a test drive. So I had to run and grab a copy of Doom off an external drive because I don’t feel like waiting for 60GB to download, which I guess is a good time to talk about I/O, because…

I like having my mouse over on the left so that it doesn’t interfere with movement on the mouse pad over on the right, and we’ve only got one USB 3 over on this side of the type-A persuasion so I’m gonna go ahead and use that second one right in between the HDMI port, we’ve got an SD card reader… AND a regular wired Ethernet port. YAY! My external drive, and then over on the other side we’ve got power in, two more USB ports (though It should be noted these are USB 2) and then a headphone microphone combo jack. One thing that’s noticeably better is the display brightness. So IPS displays started showing up on value laptops -what about two years ago I guess, but one of the big issues that they had was that while they have IPS qualities like better colors and better viewing angles, they were typically really dim. This one’s actually not too shabby.

No, I don’t want the game bar. Like, barely gives you enough time to tell it to never come back “I’m gonna go with EXPERT bots today!” Alright, so we’re running anywhere from about 80 to 110 or so frames per second- Damn these expert BOTS… Oh crap, they’re all- Yes, they’re better than me, thank you. I guess I could have bought a better gun, or I could just… Okay, enough CS:GO.

Okay, well for Fortnite’s loading, maybe we can just spend a little bit of time with the keyboard actually. Actually, overall impressions of the keyboard are not bad. It’s got a bit of a long keystroke and that does take some getting used to so I found myself missing a couple here and there but if you’re a heavier typer you probably wouldn’t even notice. Not bad! Really quiet, too.

Lets apply the best settings for our system here. Battle Royale, Of course. Does anyone play the other one? Okay, motions are off because it’s terrible.

Yeah, I was not expecting all high, too, and- Oh, Okay, it kind of settled in there. So, I’m kind of a view distance guy. I don’t really care about any alias use so let’s go ahead and have a look at how that looks. Wait. The ones with arrows are on my team, right?

I don’t remember. No, that’s not bad like, if your goal is: you know, do some schoolwork and you’re not expecting crazy battery life because it does have a dedicated graphics card, and then play Fortnite in your off hours, this is not a bad experience. Can you harvest a car? Evidently you can!

Yeah, you build stuff. See, I’m harvesting brick right now. This is rock solid now. It’s not doing any of that dipping or anything. It’s actually not that loud either. Like, it’s, you know, it’s not silent or anything, but it’s very tolerable.

So there you have it. That’s pretty much the latest gen Nitro 5. Overall looking pretty good for 800 bucks if you get it from Best Buy. We have really come a long way actually.

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Asus UX550 – Don’t Buy This For Gaming!

Hey, how’s it going? Dave2D here And this is the Asus ZenBook Pro for 2017 This is the UX550, and this thing was announced quite a few months ago I think was like March at Computex when this thing was revealed and I finally been able to spend some time with it It’s a very powerful machine It’s one of those thin-and-light work-oriented machines that also has a GTX 1050 Ti So if you want to play some games, you can… And this is the type of stuff that gets me excited. These are the type of laptops that I’m most interested in because I mean, they’re kind of stealth like, they don’t look like, they’re not designed for gaming, but because of the video card, you’d think they’d be able to bang if you really want them to This one… Errrgh, you’ll see the end of the video as to why it’s not so much of a gaming laptop but it is a very good laptop for what it was meant for. I want to talk with the design first.

First thing, black. This is the first Asus laptop that I’ve used that is black, so fully black finish, black top, black bottom There is a silver chamfer as you go around the edges But the whole idea of this thing is black. The build quality on this thing is… Good, better than expected and let me explain.

The UX501 from last year and the year before had… okay build quality, not amazing, as the panels were a little softer when you press down on them. This thing is… definitely more rigid. It’s definitely better build quality than the UX501 but, it’s still not perfect There’s still a little bit of flex on all the panels, the top, the bottom, the keyboard deck.

The screen itself If you try to torque that, it’s super solid. I couldn’t get it twisted very much. The hinges are also well-made.

The laptop on a whole I would consider to have good build quality, not excellent I wish it was better but, it is good. The port selection on this thing is good. There’s actually two Thunderbolt 3 ports and those run on all four lanes of PCIe so If you plug up an external GPU, you’re gonna get max bandwidth The thing that I don’t love is the inclusion of a microSD slot. Now, it’s cool that they have an SD slot at all, but it’s microSD and this is a pro laptop, right? This is the ZenBook Pro and working professionals Very few of them are using microSD’s as their main like, form of data transfer It just doesn’t make sense that they put that there. It seems almost useless because You’re not gonna use that.

I would much prefer to see a regular SD slot, but you’re stuck with that And that kind of bugs me. There’s a lot of good stuff about this laptop. I like the screen I like the speakers. The speakers are actually very very impressive It has the Harman Kardon branding and usually when you have that kind of branding on a laptop It means nothing. This time, There’s four speakers, two on the top, two on the bottom.

The ones on the bottom are down-firing And they sound really good. I was quite impressed with it They don’t sound super loud, but the audio quality is there. The mids, the lows, the highs They’re all present, and they sound good.

Back to the screen up top, this one’s running a 1080p panel They do make a 4K panel if I’m not mistaken But this one’s 1080p. Touchscreen. The color accuracy is there. It’s not super bright… I wish it was brighter, but the overall image is nice And the bezels on the screen aren’t too thick, it’s like, I don’t know It kind of looks like the newer MacBooks in terms of the bezel thickness, but it’s just an improvement over their regular Asus ZenBook Pro line. It’s just a thinner, cleaner looking design up top.

Okay, to get to the inside of this laptop I’ve removed the screws, but it’s pretty simple. There’s ten screws. They all pop off pretty easily, T4 And when you get inside, things get less awesome? So far, it seems like a really good laptop, right? Okay.

On the inside We have a fast SSD which is good We get a great Wi-Fi card, the Intel 1865, which is good The RAM is soldered on and this bugs me This is not like one of those super-thin laptops, right? So, it doesn’t make sense to me that the RAM is soldered on. Now, maybe it was a space issue Maybe it was an energy efficiency issue because you know when you solder on RAM, when it’s built on board It uses slightly less energy, and if that’s the case… Fine, but I just don’t like seeing soldered-on RAM But the thing that bugs me is the thermal design So, we’re looking at two heat pipes to cool a GTX 1050 Ti and an i7 7700HQ, so these are pretty hot components, it’s not like the hottest stuff out there but they’re not cool components and You’ll see in the thermal performance later on that they don’t do great. And the battery down here is a 72 watt-hour cell. It’s getting around 6 hours of battery life with the screen at 250 nits.

So this is probably in the middle of the pack in terms of battery life. It’s because it’s not a huge battery It’s kind of a small chassis so the batteries, there’s only so much space in here But if you’re gonna bring this thing to class or to work, and you’re expecting a full day of use out of it You’re probably gonna have to bring the charger with you Just because it’s a little bit tight. Um… before I get into performance because I know that’s what a lot of people are interested in, I want to talk about the keyboard and the trackpad.

So Keyboard is a very standard Asus keyboard. It’s a good keyboard. The Home, Page Up, Page Down buttons are on the side and I like them there but not everyone does because if you’re not used to them being there, if you’re trying to hit Backspace or Shift or Enter, you might hit those keys But I like them there because if you want to, you can use them And you will get used to their positioning, it doesn’t interfere with my regular typing anymore But for people that haven’t used an Asus keyboard like this before There’s a bit of a learning curve.

The keystrokes themselves are a little bit soft, but firm at the same time It’s hard to describe but basically the pressure that it takes to activate the switch is a little more than your average keyboard, but the spring feels softer So, it’s a different type of experience than I’m used to. I just haven’t used an Asus keyboard for a while but… You’ll get used to it quickly because when I use this thing for like three to four months before, not this one, but a keyboard very similar to this You get used to it, and it’s not a problem. Trackpad, good trackpad Probably its best feature in terms of the inputs It uses Windows Precision drivers, so it’s got accurate tracking and has a fingerprint sensor for quick logins and stuff in Windows Hello. Okay, let’s talk about performance because that’s probably the most important thing because if it doesn’t have good performance, Nothing matters, right?

Okay. The performance on this thing, I got to open her back up to kind of show what I’m talking about, is… good for certain people, and not so good for other people so this is running, like I said earlier, the 1050 Ti and a 7700HQ, the Kaby Lake i7. And… Because the thermal output on these two chips is quite high It’s difficult to cool something like this in a chassis this small and this compact, and with the heat pipes that they have, there’s only two, maybe even one and a half heat pipes You’re not gonna get the best cooling. If you’re doing work stuff If you’re doing like video edits and renders and stuff This is sufficient because You’re not stressing the GPU at 100% all the time and your workload because you’re kind of using the GPU here and there as you do stuff in Photoshop or Premiere. So I ran some video edits and I ran some renders. This thing runs really well.

You’re getting the performance you would expect just on the paper specs. The 1050 Ti is a good card for video editing, but when you start playing games That’s when issues start to rise The temps creep up and after like 20-30 minutes of gaming, you’re gonna notice some serious thermal throttling and you could probably resolve this If you re-paste it, or if you undervolt it and I mean you can, I’m not gonna do it on this unit and I’m positive that if you did, if you repasted this and if you undervolt this, you would get better performance. But I wouldn’t pick up this laptop if your main purpose is to play games It’s a really nice looking laptop, and it’s slim, but because of the thermal issues I can’t just openly recommend it for people who are quote, unquote, “gamers”. The fans don’t come on very often. When it’s idle, it’s actually very quiet, but at full load, It’s a little bit loud, not super annoying or anything, but it can get loud So this is a laptop that was designed for professional users, right? It’s a ZenBook Pro and I think because of what it’s equipped with, because it has a 1050 Ti, because it has an i7, I think a lot of people are drawn to the specs and think, “Hey, I can pick this up and play games really well on it,” but that’s not what it was designed for, unfortunately.

It’s a really nice looking laptop. It’s not super expensive I think the base model starts at 1400-1500 dollars. This unit here with everything I’ve decked it out with, $1700, but… Yeah, if you’re a gamer and you’re hoping that this would be like, the gaming laptop that didn’t look like a gaming laptop, This is not that laptop, I’m sorry. I was disappointed, and I feel like a lot of my viewers were really interested in this thing because it had such potential… But, no, it’s not the one.

Okay. Hope you guys enjoyed this video! Thumbs if you liked it, subs if you loved it! See you guys next time! If you’re curious like, if you’re looking for other options I don’t know if anyone is still sticking around to this part of the video, but, if you’re curious, I’ve been using… the Aero 15X so this is the upgraded model This is not that different in size from the ZenBook Pro.

It’s a completely different price point This is significantly more expensive, but they’ve designed this thing to house a GTX 1070. It’s a significantly more powerful video card, but it’s similar in size But the way that they’re doing is that they have to crack this thing open and like, they’re putting a ton of venting on this thing to make it more viable for gaming and That’s not what the ZenBook does. They try to keep it clean and minimal, and just very nice looking It does look a heck a lot nicer than this. Like, look at this But this thing is where you’re gonna get performance. If you want something that’s built for gaming, look at other options like this Errr, the Aero 15, this is actually the Aero 15X.

Okay. See you in the next video.

Top 10 Best Video Games

Hey Pokemasters, Bird Keeper Toby here. You know, I don’t just collect Pokemon and gym badges. I’ve also explored the nuclear fallout that is the capital wasteland, I’ve saved Princess Zelda from the wrath and clutches of Ganon, I play a lot of video games. I also did a poll on Twitter as to what you wanted to see and you said a top 10 and about something not Pokemon Sun and Moon would be good.

And so I thought as E3 has just passed, and every year that gets me excited about playing different video games, I’d reminisce about my top 10 favorites. These are the 10 video games that, by the way, I think are the best. And not necessarily the best graphically or that have the best story. I’m just saying in terms of my opinion these are the best the video game industry has to offer. And so while many of you all know me for Pokemon, here is my recommendation to you of at least nine other franchises.

Because surprise surprise, Pokemon’s gonna be on the list. So if you have the right consoles and you’re old enough, of course, here are my top 10 favorite video games. And, of course, don’t forget to subscribe to youtube.com/birdkeepertoby for more Pokemon videos. Number 10, Super Smash Brothers 4.

Oh my God, he said Super Smash Brothers 4, not Melee. Here’s the thing, and I know I’m going to annoy a lot of my Smash Brothers playing friends who are out there. To me, Super Smash Brothers 4 is just a refinement on the series as a whole. So where I haven’t actually spent a whole lot of time playing number four, although what I have I actually seem to be quite good, the game is essentially an upgrade on Super Smash Brothers Melee.

And no, we don’t count Brawl. That wasn’t great. Now, I’m not normally into fighting games, but something about the collection of all these amazing characters from various Nintendo franchises coming together to just punch either other in the face. And while a lot of the games I play are usually competitive, which means no items at a flat stage, the madness of throwing in items like Pokeballs, and hammers, and stars, and, of course, baseball bats, makes this franchise just one of the most fun ones on this list. And to be honest, I don’t even see why there’s even Youtube drama, because people getting involved with arguments with each other.

Just go on Smash Bros. and sort it out. But maybe not, but I have found that, historically, Smash Bros is the franchise that’s more likely to ruin a friendship. Still, as much as I love Melee, I love the latest installment and hope they continue to improve in future installments. Number nine.

So, much to my surprise, E3 just re-announced this game as a collector’s edition, Skyrim Remastered. And I honestly didn’t think we needed this. And of course I’m happy with the Skyrim Legendary Edition, which has all the DLC, however, Skyrim Collectors Edition does look like it’s gonna be the same thing but better, so I know it’s gonna immediately swap out with this version for the number nine slot.

And I love Skyrim. I mean, I really love it. Breathtaking landscapes and immersive world. Loads of items. You can become whoever you want to be. For example, in run through number one, I became God of Skyrim.

I conquered all of the various cults and clans, raided dungeons, created legendary weapons, I could summon spirits to fight with me. My companion could do the same. I had a talking demon dog.

And I could ride a flaming skeletal horse. There was no one who could stop me throughout all of the land. And then in my more recent run through, I adopted two kids and got married to Roggi Knot-Beard. Very different experiences, both very fun.

But the truth of the matter is, I may have never even been interested in Skyrim, but I found out about it the day before its release. Of course, I heard people mentioning it here and there, and because I’m a fan of the Fallout series I’ve been told to play Oblivion, which was essentially the same thing, but I always thought nah, Fallout looks better graphically. And then a day before Skyrim’s release, I saw the IGN review and I went that’s Fallout, but it looks better and it’s fantasy. I love it. And truthfully, I’m sure Skyrim won’t be on this list forever, because one day Bethesda will come out with Elder Scrolls 6 and that’ll just take its place. Number eight, Portal 2.

Valve’s hit Portal 2 came out just a few days before my birthday one year, and I have never played a game like this. This amazing game of puzzle solving and comedy writing. These things just merge together so well, and I had never seen anything like it before.

In fact, this was one of my first experiences with Valve as a company. I’d never played Portal 1. And while it was such a short game, I found myself absolutely enraptured and in love with the characters. The British evil villain, who was essentially just 343 Guilty Spark from Halo. The mechanic of the portal gun. Glados, Glados was fantastic.

And what was even better, the moment I finished the story, which was absolutely hilarious, I could jump on with a friend and there was a whole multiplayer story to solve with him as well. One of the sad things I found about Portal 2 though is that it’s not ultimately that replayable, because once you’ve heard the jokes and once you’ve solved the puzzles those things are a little bit less appealing each time. That said, it’s a wonderful experience. If you’ve never played Portal 2 and you’ve got a console to play on, I can’t recommend it enough. It’s less than a day’s worth of your time and it’s going to be time well spent.

Oh, and I’m just really a big fan of Wheatley. Terrible accent. Number seven. Okay, number seven is the game that every year at E3 I hope I hear about.

Sadly, I think the franchise is dead and I don’t think it’s coming back from the grave. But it’s the most amazing video game, and every year at E3 there’s just one title I’m keeping my ears out for that I want to hear them say. TimeSplitters 4, because TimeSplitters 3: Future Perfect is one of my favorite video games ever.

Just like Portal, you’ve just a cast of the most hilarious characters. Cortez is your stereotypical space hero, goes back in time and meets kooky companions and even kookier villains. And the great thing about it is you don’t need to play TimeSplitters 1 and 2.

I played a bit of TimeSplitters 2. I’ve never played TimeSplitters 1. TimeSplitters 3 is its own game, and the premise of the game is this. You have some time shards, these crystals you’re gonna use to go back in time to stop the war that’s happening in humanity’s future. And while you’re on this super serious space mission, you interact with characters who are absolutely out of this world ridiculous. It’s a classic time travel story but with just such a wonderful great twist.

And the story isn’t even the best part, the multiplayer is, and it’s criminal that it never saw an online release. Maps as cool as any Halo or Call of Duty level, that’s for sure. You could select from hundreds of characters, robots, aliens, monkeys, machine monkeys, ninja monkeys, zombie monkeys. A lot of monkeys. Dinosaurs, a lion, the gingerbread man.

I mean, the roster is unbelievable. And when accompanied with all the classic games modes, team death match, capture the flag, a virus, a vampire, it’s just such a fun play. And if you have never played it, grab a friend, go play the story, and then jump into the multiplayer and arcade modes. Number six. ♫ Rolling around at the speed of sound ♫ You hate me.

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Or Battle 2. I think it’s 2 Battle.

This game is awful. I mean it’s actually atrocious. Terrible visuals, a sub-par story, and a shooting mode that is just disastrous. So why do I love it so much? Maybe it’s ’cause I was young enough to appreciate it when it came out and I just loved all the amazing characters, and I thought Shadow the hedgehog was genuinely edgy. Or maybe it’s just that wicked soundtrack.

I don’t know, I don’t care. But you can’t deny that this game, for whatever reason, has a massive cult following and I am part of it. I also love the prequel, but because this is the one I played first, this is the one I have the most nostalgia for. And if you are using this list as a list of recommended games to play, I recommend this one the least. With this one, you kinda had to be there at the time.

That said, something you can definitely get into today is the game within the game, which is the chao garden. And like I say, it is a video game within a video game. You raise these chao, you battle them, karate, boxing, racing, and I think that is better than the main story. And I love it. Plus, truthfully, there’s just nothing better than running through the streets of the city.

♫ Trust me and we will escape from the city ♫ Number five. And number five is a zombie game. Oh for Pete’s sake, there’s so many games about zombies.

Left 4 Dead, which is great. Dead Rising, which is also alright. But are any of them incredible?

Yes, and it’s called The Last Of Us. Where to begin with The Last Of Us? Unlike Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, this is one where the story really counts. In fact, this whole game is about the story that it tells, and it is not a story about zombies.

Zombies just happen to exist within the world where this story is taking place. The story of Joel and Ellie. These two characters made me actually feel incredibly powerful emotions for video game characters, something I don’t think I’d really experienced before. At the beginning of the game, Joel experiences the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, the zombie outbreak. It’s a virus. And then you jump forward in time and you meet Ellie, a girl who was just born while the virus was going around.

She’s younger than it. They both experience the world in very, very different ways, and they are very different characters as a result of it. And as you travel with them though the game, you really discover how two people who would be unlikely friends actually have one of the strongest bonds you’ll ever see in a video game, or even in a film, to be fair. When Joel is not in the same room as Ellie, I get worried. Where is Ellie? Is she okay?

And in parts of the game where Ellie is not in the same room as Joel, where’s Joel? Is he okay? You genuinely care about these characters. The story is an emotional one. And please, if you haven’t had it ruined for you yet, and you have access to a Playstation 3 or 4, go and play The Last Of Us.

Number four. Whew, okay, and with that out of the way, let’s remember that the wasteland doesn’t have to be bleak for everyone. In fact, for some people, it can be quite fun. It’s just about how you look at it. Welcome to the world of Fallout, specifically Fallout 4, of which I am a massive fan. This apocalypse tale is very, very, very different to The Last Of Us.

In fact, there isn’t a strict story. It’s an RPG. And much like Skyrim, you create your own character. Developed by the same people.

You explore the world they’ve given you and you decide who you’re going to be. Are you going to be a settlement guy who creates his own village and looks after people? Or are you going to be the ultimate killing machine of the wastes, killing ghouls, deathclaws, and super mutants. One of the main things I love about Fallout 4 is the sheer amount of content and still unexplored to me. There’s nothing more exciting than going to a settlement, talking to someone I’ve never spoken to before, and seeing what options they’re gonna give me.

Are they gonna stick their middle finger up and tell me to go away, or are they gonna ask me for help? How am I gonna respond to their ask for help? Am I gonna stick my middle finger up at them? Am I gonna shoot them?

Am I gonna help them? Am I gonna ask for money to help them? What is good and bad? What I do is entirely up to me.

This game is a fantastic playing experience. And with DLC still coming out, I can’t wait to see what other options the wasteland gives me. Also just the mood and atmosphere of the Fallout universe, this post-apocalyptic 1950s world with bobbleheads, and voltech, and pip-boys, and, of course, Nuka Cola, this gaming world is one that I love the most. Number three.

There was only one real question back in 2012. Did you play Call of Duty or Halo? And for me, it’s always been about Halo, especially the Master Chief. My favorite game of the franchise is Halo 3, although I suppose you can kind of count The Master Chief Collection, because the game I really love the most is Halo 3 ODST, and this is where it gets confusing.

I love Halo 3’s multiplayer, but they released a game called Halo 3 ODST which has, I think, a better campaign, and then a second disc with Halo 3’s multiplayer on it. So it’s two games in one. It’s called Halo 3 ODST. So I could say that’s my favorite game, but I could also say the Master Chief Collection is, which is a game that has the campaigns of Halo 1 through 4, but also Halo ODST, and the whole multiplayer experience. However, I don’t care for some of the other Halos so much, so I’m gonna say Halo 3 ODST. The story of Halo 3 ODST is an invested one.

It’s an intense one. ODSTs are orbital drop shock troopers. They’re not quite marines, they’re a little bit better, but there also not as good as Spartans like the Master Chief. You and your team are scattered across a city, and you, the new rookie, are the last person to wake up.

And so you have to explore the city for clues as to where your teammates might be. As you find these clues, you experience missions through the form of flashbacks, and you play your other teammates. And at the end, you all reunite, and the whole thing happens over the course of one night.

And the sounds are what truly makes this game amazing. The sound of rain and jazz music, that is what creates the atmosphere of Halo 3 ODST. And I can’t recommend you play the story enough. There’s also a pretty fun mode called Firefight, where you take on waves of alien invaders with your friends. You can have up to four friends on one console.

And strategizing with some of my friends over Xbox Live on how to beat these waves of aliens, the alien horde, is one of my favorite things to do. But truthfully, the favorite part of the game comes in the multiplayer disc, Halo 3. Just a variety of fun, colorful maps with powerful weapons.

Reds versus blues, capture the flag, infection. I have strong memories of jumping into custom games with strangers where they’ve set up all kinds of fun game modes for us to play. And despite the fact it came out nearly a decade ago, I’m still playing the Halo 3 multiplayer to this day.

Like literally today I was playing it. And so if you’re not looking to get into the whole Halo franchise but want a taste of what it’s all about, I recommend Halo 3 ODST. Number two. Okay, so let’s face it, you know which franchise number one’s gonna be and I’ll tell you which game specifically after this.

But also stay tuned for some quick honorable mentions. For now, though, number two is the other big Nintendo franchise that I love, the Legend of Zelda. And specifically, if I had to choose a game, Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

And oh my goodness it’s such toss-up between so many of the 3D Zelda titles. But Wind Waker takes it just by a little bit. And mostly because, as a game, it doesn’t age. Lots of the other Zelda games go for the gritty realistic look and Zelda went for this whole cell-shaded thing.

Which means, especially when you’re playing the HD version, it still looks great to this day. A very simply story about a boy who’s sister gets kidnapped. He goes to rescue her and finds himself becoming the stuff of legends.

It’s pretty straightforward stuff, but the characters you meet, the world you explore, the great sea that you sail upon, that is what makes this game, because across this great sea are islands withholding many mysteries, treasures, things for you to do and explore. It’s hard to put into a video which is getting increasingly longer by the second all the reasons I possibly love The Legend of Zelda as a series, but The Wind Waker is one of the truly defining games of that series. But, of course, I love many others of them as well, and so I’m gonna give them an honorable mention. So my honorable mentions are Zelda: Twilight Princess, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Zelda: Minish Cap, and Zelda: Majora’s Mask, which is probably at the lead of those. In no particular order, Phoenix Wright is the reason that I am on Youtube today. And while I’ve only in full played the first game, it is one of the best I have ever played.

Resident Evil 4 is also on this list and it would be on this list if it wasn’t for Ashley. And of course, one of the Pokemon side games, Pokemon Colosseum. It’s a fantastic entry into an even better series.

Number one. Of course, Pokemon. Hi, I’m Bird Keeper Toby and I make videos about Pokemon on the Internet. That’s what my whole channel is about.

And I don’t know, maybe you want me to do videos about other video game franchises. You’ll have to let me know in the comments. But Pokemon is my favorite franchise, and it’s so difficult to pick a favorite. But definitely the generation four games, Platinum and HeartGold and SoulSiver really stick out. They were the pinnacle of Pokemon, I think. Not to say it’s gotten worse by any means, just those games had the right amount of features, the right length in the story, and the right amount of challenge to them as well.

I think a lot of Pokemon risk becoming a little bit too easy. I think the ones that are the best are HeartGold and SoulSilver. And if I have to pick one favorite, it’s SoulSilver, just because I prefer Lugia. But this game is definitely one of the best games I’ve ever played.

And I’m not saying it’s the best game of all time. I’m not saying it’s better than the other game, just my personal preference. It’s no wonder that I am a Pokemon fan, is that Pokemon SoulSilver is one of the coolest Pokemon games to ever play. If you play Pokemon and never played SoulSilver or HeartGold, make sure you do. 16 badges instead of eight, Pokemon that follow you, and just a really good variety of Pokemon available to you. It’s a re-release of the original Gold and Silver with a mix of Pokemon Crystal in there as well, which was, of course, one of my favorite stories.

I love Pokemon. I love Pokemon Platinum, I love Pokemon Colosseum, but I really love Pokemon SoulSilver. But wait a second, Bird Keeper Toby, you haven’t played every video game that’s out there, how can you know? Well, that’s a good point. This is just my list as of 2016, and my opinion might change, which of course means that someone is going to have to recommend me some good awesome games to play, maybe their top 10 list, in the comments. Oh you.

If you’re interested in Pokemon, make sure you subscribe to youtube.com/birdkeepertoby and soar high, Pokemon Masters. One final thing is that, of course, I want to thank my patrons of the month. The biggest one of which, of course, was Sybronx. Thank you very, very much. Your support allows me to do so much on this channel, including transcribing all of the videos and translating them.

So thank you. – [Voiceover] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video by Bird Keeper Toby. That makes you a Pokemon Master.

(upbeat digital music)

Evolution Gaming interview

So we’re at the booth of Evolution Gaming here at ICE 2018 with Todd Haushalter. So Todd what do you do exactly at Evolution Gaming? So, I have the best job in the world. I’m the chief product officer here at Evolution Gaming.

What does that mean? It means I get to make games all day long. It’s a ball. Can’t really think of anything better than that to be honest, it’s a hard one. It’s a lot of fun, you just sit around and say what would be more fun for players? And then you get to bring it to life.

So let’s talk about the elephant in the room or, let’s say the screen with the roulette game in the room. You know there’s a lot of buzz about this game. Yeah, there is. It’s shocking how many people are talking about it, what’s the deal?

Well, so it’s called ‘Lightning Roulette‘ and the game of roulette really hasn’t evolved that much in the last thousand years or so, and so you know we did this game called ‘Dream Catcher’ and it was a smash and in that game there’s a chance to have these multipliers that magnify your winnings and if you go on YouTube there’s like millions of views of people posting videos of that and we said, what if we could do a game where there’s multipliers on every single round? So, in ‘Lightening Roulette’, what we do is real simple. Every round, we take between one and five numbers, we strike them with lightning and then they pay between 50 and 500 to 1. Let me say that again 50 to 500 to 1 every single round, numbers are struck by lightning, if the ball lands, you win here: https://casinoslots-ie.com/online-casinos

So, the studio itself is the most beautiful studio we’ve ever done, this is reflecting where players are betting right now, the more the numbers shake, the more people are betting on that number, so you can see what other players are doing, all right? When the bets close, you’ll see the lightning form and then it’s going to strike. He pulls the lever and that starts the action.

I see, so it seems like you added like a layer of competitiveness, you know a subtle a of competitiveness, where you’re seeing like what other people are doing so you have kind of reactions based on that. We have, in other games what we’re seeing is you know it’s a social world out there and I’m not suggesting that gambling is going social, but having a sense of what other players are doing, I think brings a certain level of trust to the network and it brings a certain level of fun and so when you can kind of see that other people are betting on a number, maybe you didn’t bet on it but when you see that other people did and they won it gives you faith that at least there’s someone winning and that’s a good squaring on these games, so, so yeah! So, we’re trying to make everything more like an ecosystem where everybody kind of has a sense of what everybody else is doing. With the chance for huge payouts!

Okay, I see so, what are you watching right now, is this actually happening? Is this live? Yeah, this is not a movie, this is live right now so you can place bets, you can look at number history, you can see everything just like on all of our games. All the bets pay normal, you can see the lightning striking what numbers it’s going to hit; 2, 5, 24 and 27. 27 is going to pay 400 times your bet. So you can see why players are gonna fall in love with this real quickly.

It’s gonna be a powerhouse game and everybody we’ve shown it to like, like you, suggested you know, it’s the talk of the show right now and, and I don’t think that’s gonna change, so right now the next step for us is to get it into the hands of our operators, then they’ll get it out in front of the players and then it’s on to them. So, coming soon to online casinos near you guys and watch for it!

The Right Road To Defeat Roulette

Good evening, my friends welcome to a new tutorial about how to play correctly to win at any casino roulette. You want, in my experience of 16 years now playing professionally from 11 years, but in all my 16 years, I’ve discovered that in the first step, when you start to follow some professional system roulette systems, all your change change or your game change. And what I mean is that in the moment you start playing at Roulette, you are an amateur, so you are playing aggressively. This is the name for the people for the gamblers, 99 % of the gamblers, who doesn’t know to play professionally a roulette. So when we talk about roulette, we need to understand that roulette, implicates numbers fault of that roulette have the D algorithm of 37 numbers.

Now there are many games in which you can play with numbers, but when we talk about 37 numbers, which is 0 +, 36 numbers, this is an algorithm. You need to understand and learn. It now for me was not easy, but I was doing this investment of five years intensely studying roulette every day and night for five years playing in real casinos, because at that time there was not demo casinos, like you see today on the Internet. Now I was master at myself playing at roulette as a pro in understanding the roads of roulette.

Now I would like that you, this image, to understand exactly what I mean so in the beginning, when you start to play ad roulette, you are on one of these roads. You are in chaos, so all your time when you are playing the roulette like an aggressive roulette, gambler or amateur roulette gambler, you forces your luck, so you base your chances to lock. So you don’t know what to do, because your only way is to playing thinking that if you like few numbers, maybe that numbers will appear – and I get you in now, like any other gambler 99 % of the gamblers. You put your chance to lock so 9 times.

You lose one time, you win few hundreds of euros or few thousands of euros, but because you are playing aggressively you don’t stop. You don’t know when to stop. I want to explain you something that maybe you have pass it if you have played the roulette remember when you have won one time at Roulette, so maybe you have played for nine times and you have lost all nine times, but the tenth time you have one. You have one maybe couple of thousands of euros or of pounds, but what you have done well, you have played again thinking that right now is your lucky day and you might recover all the losses you have in the past. So this is how an aggressive roulette gamble thing.

So you may couple of thousands of euros, but you don’t stop you. Don’T cash out money because you have the experience of losing for nine times where you have lost. Maybe ten thousand pounds two thousand twenty thousand pounds and when you win two thousand pounds you want to win all twenty thousand pounds lost in the past nine sessions so like that, if you are playing we’ll, go deeper and deeper in losses, you will never win like That so, you might win one time, two thousand three thousand euro, but in total you are any way in losses. This is the aggressive roulette gambler because, if you think only on pure rock, I want to explain you that block is only for five or fifty minutes. At some point luck, it will let you down, because luck is not something for long run for long term. So what you do you start to searching on the internet?

How can I beat red now? Your problem is only start when you do that, because in the first step you were gon na find many of loads, as I tell them so you were gon na find strategies, stupid strategies. You were gon na fight all the ideas of you mathematicians, but you are gon na see it yourself to an level to a maze alright. So this maze where you have tons of streets – and you don’t know where to go – you don’t know how to find a good road to virtual casino games Malaysia. So this is the problem.

What you need to understand when I am giving you my DVD 5000 euro, what I’m doing now in depth 5 years, which I study, who left in my first 5 years, which I study roulette? I discover that these roads from all thousands of possibilities there is only one which goes directly to winnings now when you are to the road from this start, your your beautiful life gambling at red when you find the right road because being so many possibilities, you need To test all the possibilities, now you don’t have to test anymore all the possibilities, because I’ve done that for five years. So when you come to me and you study my DVD 5,000 euro, you will not a study exactly the right road, so you don’t have to test all the thousands or hundreds of roads because, like that it it it’s amaze, you! You cannot understand roulette.

If you don’t study for ten years roulette, so with my help, you don’t have to pass on these roads in these maze of roads. I will put you exactly to the right Road and like that, you can start playing roulette professionally by applying the secrets of life. Is not only my secrets because it’s the secret of any roulette all right – I I discovered a secret, but is not only my secret – is the secret of any roulette.

You need to understand that this algorithm, 0 plus 36 numbers make a mistake. Roulette is making a mistake in the moment. You study that mistake. That’S it roulette is beated.

So in the moment you beat roulette. Only. What you need to understand is how to stop yourself, how to increase your voting, how to increase your amount of money. You are gambling, so what is the nice part when you start in my DVD 5,000 euro? Is that you become from amateur to a casual gambler from casual to a rule, a professional gambler and from a professional gambler to a VIP roulette gambler now here is when you make money in VIP, you make the money. I tell you big money now.

That means big money. Now, when I’m telling you that you will gon na play for 30 minutes 40 minutes, I’m related, and I tell that it’s a session. So in the beginning, when you are playing, you will gon na make like 300 euros per session.

Now, if you don’t have this amount of money to invest to play 300 euros per session, you can make 30 euros per session, so you can start with the minimum possible making 30 euros or 30 pounds per session. But with my study you were gon na go from step by step from 30 euros per session to 300 euros per session, even to VIP on 3000 euro per session. Now. Imagine that if you are playing for half an hour and you make 3000 euro and in the beginning you were gon na play only 10 sessions per month. You don’t have to play every day.

You don’t need any more to play every day. So I telling you – and I guarantee you that only 10 sessions, if you are playing for month there are thirty thousand pounds minimum you can make when I’m related and when I tell you that there is a way in which you can play and making 300 euros Per session, for example, that doesn’t mean that you were gon na make always 300 euros because playing with super bet, which I will explaining you in the DVD 5,000 euro, you can make four thousand four hundred euros, five hundred euros, so the last bet might be even Four hundred five hundred euros, so if you’re gon na play in VIP – and you will wan na make between 3000 to 5000 euro per session – imagine that we talk about 40,000 50,000 euro per month now. This is something which you were gon na find and play only after. You study the DVD and you become good at that, so, of course, in the first month in the second month, you will not play in VIP because you are not prepared. You need to digest all my 16 years of gambling first, so you need to digest this knowledge, but I guarantee you that in 3-4 months you can become a VIP gambler now, even if you are not playing in VIP gambler, you still can make three thousand four Thousand your per month in playing casual, so playing casual, making you three four thousand euro per month: it’s okay to start with that kind of money. But anyway the problem which you have when you are gambling allit is that there are many variables roulette is relative.

So you need to understand that when you start to study roulette, you see how many things you don’t know because playing aggressively. You study. Only luck. You put yourself only on lucky day, unlucky numbers, which is four five minutes ten minutes. But in the moment you study roulette, you see that there are so hundreds of possibilities all right.

So these hundreds of possibilities, you need to start and study all possibilities, and this is taking you for five years minimum now, if you study roulette for three hours per day, for example, it will taking you minimum ten years to be professional at Roulette, but with my Help you don’t have to pass and study all the possibilities, because you don’t have to take step by step all the possibilities. If you buy my DVD 5000 euro, you were gon na, have the right Road, so the right version that version in which you can bet you can bet correctly and win at Roulette from all the possibilities roulette is playing on. One possibilities makes mistake, so let even if you don’t believe till now roulette is so perfectly but still have is his weak point, alright, so roulette in all his perfection, he makes a huge mistake. Noise.

You know that mistake, which I were telling you in the DVD 5000: that’s it roulette will be pitted by you, 100 %. Once you understand what I mean, that’s it with study at roulette. You will never have to worry about studying roulette what you were gon na.

Do is to gambling that roulette, which is totally something else, because gambling become to master yourself. If you study in demo and you play in practice mode, you can practice for 10 years, if you like, it will not helping you like how you are playing on real money because playing in demo in practice mode or in real mode. There are something else totally different now, while I will study and assist you and guide, you is to play on real money.

If you don’t have the possibility to play on big role, big balance in the beginning, you can start with few 200 euros, for example, 200 pounds or 200 euros, and from that you can increase. I will explain you step by step how much money you will gon na make, but remember if you search on the internet a way to beat roulette, you need to see this image. What you see right now and think about.

If you start to study roulette, there are hundreds of possibilities so because you don’t know the secret, you will go on this road, this road, this road, this road, all the wrong roads. You were gon na, go because you don’t know which is the right one. So by not knowing, which is the right one, the lesser investment but you need to make is to study, step by step all the possibilities. Now, after you study all the possibilities which is taking you for five years, maybe you can find the right road, but, as I told you, you don’t have to think right now to invest five years of your life to study roulette.

You can buy my DVD 5000 euro and you can go exactly to the right road, which is the good way in which you can beat, because once you know the error, which let makes you can understand, roulette and defeat roulette forever. Any game created by man is crackered by man. Remember that, I repeat you: any game created by man can be crackit by man, so this game was created by Blaise. Pascal is an French mathematician, so let is created about a mathematician and a mathematician can crack roulette, which I am a mathematician. Alright, I studied an algorithm, I know the numbers, I know how to play and I will teaching you because I love to train students to understand and make them let professional gamblers.

Why do I sell my secrets? Because it’s the only way in which I can help in you, I cannot giving you for free, because this is a sacrifice which I’ve done to discover the secret. I cannot give in you for free because you make money with these secrets, so this is why I sell my secrets because, like that, I can teach you I love to be your trainer to teaching you how to be.

Do let and to share my experience with you guys because everybody outside they don’t believe nobody believe if you go outside to the streets, if you go in casinos and you talk with everybody, can you be read, everybody was telling you is not possible, it’s impossible, always Casino wins: well, it’s not like that, and this is my real proof. From eleven years that I beat roulette just watch my accounts watch. My earnings watch my students on YouTube, how they are making money.

I just recorded the sessions and you see how they are playing and they are making money. So inside the DVD 5,000 euro, you were gon na see my students how they are make money. You will understand the secret of meeting you, let you were gon na. Have the Chinese roulette software, which is something very powerful? You will not have the perfect formula, the VIP game, the flower game, all the programs that 5,000 euros any DVD.

You have watched till now, all the knowledge you have learned. Until now it’s 5 % in comparison with what you will learn in my DVD 5000 euro. You will not only discover the secret of beating, let you will discover a way in which you can become rich. Now. Remember I mean I am rich and I will making you rich too, but you must understand something. There is only two ways.

One way is to go step by step on all the roads, on all the possibilities to play at Roulette to understand roulette or the other way is to buy my DVD 5000 euro because buying my DVD 5000 euro. It’S taking you that 5 10 years to study roulette. Alright, I don’t know how much time you have to study roulette, but if you are a gambler like me, open to understand that yes is possible to be true. Let contact me because I were giving you something that you never have found in some other place. Watch my tutorials. I’M live on 500.

Videos on YouTube. You can see me is my real name. I am here I giving you my address when you pay something I give you my address. I am real deal because I really be true lap. If you don’t believe me yet just watch my tutorials on YouTube one tutorial per day or to watch it and one month. Believe me, you will come to me and you will decide to buy my DVD because I know what I give in to you and it will be a pleasure for me not your money, because I I am a millionaire fault of lab.

It will be a pleasure to helping you to feel the same experience. Like my experience. Alright best regards my friends if I am able to beat roulette with my help, you were gon na beat roulette to

How to Play Love Letter in 3 Minutes – The Rules Girl

I’m the Rules Girl, and this is Love Letter, a game of risk, deduction, and courtship for 2-4 players. In Love Letter, you play the role of a suitor trying to get your love letter into the hands of the princess, while burning those of your opponents. The goal of the game is win, and you win by collecting enough tokens of affection!

There are 16 cards in the deck, representing the Princess and those close to her, each with special abilities that can help you survive and eliminate other players. On your turn, all you have to do is play a card. When your turn begins, you’ll already have one card in your hand, and will draw another.

Choose one of these cards to play, activating its special ability. For example, playing the Guard lets you target another player and announce the name of any other card. If that player has that card, that player’s eliminated.

Eliminated players put their hand face-up in front of them, and are out until the next round. When your turn’s over, the player to your left takes her turn, and so on, until only one player remains. That player earns a token of affection.

If the deck is empty at the end of a player’s turn, all remaining players show the one card remaining in their hand. The player with the highest number earns the token. If there’s a tie, each tied player adds up the numbers on their played and discarded cards, with the higher sum breaking the tie. The winner of the last round starts the next one.

Keep playing new rounds until one player has earned enough tokens to win the game, and the heart of the princess. We already went over the guard, but here’s the rest of the cards. The Priest lets you privately peek at another player’s card. The Baron lets you choose another player to secretly compare cards with. If one player has a lower value card, she’s eliminated. The Handmaid provides immunity from other players’ actions until your next turn.

The Prince lets you target another player. That player discards their card and draws a new one. The King lets you trade hands with another player. The Countess does nothing, but you must play her if you also have the King or Prince in your hand.

And finally, if you play or discard the princess, you’re instantly eliminated, so watch out for the Prince! Ready to play? Shuffle the cards together, and set aside the top card without looking at it. In a 2-player game, take three more cards and set them aside face-up. Now deal one card to each player. The player that’s most been recently been on a date goes first.

If you like Love Letter, you should try Coup, a similar game with a greater emphasis on bluffing and deception. If you liked this video, consider subscribing to the Rules Girl channel.

Matched Betting Explained: Lesson #6 Finding a Good Match – Make Money from Home – Top Tier Betting.

so lesson number six is about finding a good much by this I mean a close match between the backwards at the bookmaker and the layouts on your children exchange this will be useful for both qualifying that’s fun free bets in this example I’ll use coral and markets although it’s possibly the most important lesson in much pain it’s also very simple all we have to do is go through different sporting events checking and comparing the back and lay out as we go lets you jump straight into it go to the College homepage all over do is select the sport if we go football want to click on football on the call home page will take you to the in-plane market which personally I’d avoid because as you can see the odds moves too quickly if we scroll down a little bit and we can see today’s football matches here we have a game between West time and manchester city city are odds of 1.7 these are the backwards if we now go to market we can see that the manchester city game is actually on the homepage is probably because it’s the you know feature game of the day so if we click onto it we can see that the layout for lunch city are 1.75 if we put into the calculator let’s select qualifier to put 10 pounds of the box take just for an example the records are 1.7 and the lay odds are 1.75 the Commission with market to prevent good crack click calculate we can see that the loss will be 37 parents honest but that is more than acceptable on a 10-pound qualifying bet we look to lose less than 50 pence and if we just try and find another example we see this dundee united game here my cards for this team are 1.8 and the layouts are 1.89 we put these into the calculator 1.8 and 1.89 we can see that the odds here are actually too far apart we wouldn’t want to take these odds as we’d be losing more than five percent of our steak we believe more than five percent of our 10 pound steak which is an acceptable loss you’ll notice that for a lot of the officers at the minimum back odds are too so we’ll just find another example odds of two or more if we go back to coral we can see this the bomb much here this team is observed 2.37 if we find them on the exchange we can see that their layouts are 2.44 if we can put this into the calculator 2.37 are the buckets and 2.4 are the layouts we can see this is a qualifying loss on this that would be four pence that is more than acceptable so I’ve said before it really as simple as checking comparing the odds between bookmaker and the exchange hope that this is made it a bit more easy to understand if there’s anything you don’t understand please contact us through the contact page

How Progressive Jackpots Slots Work

Progressive jackpots confuse many of us and some probably don’t even know what they are. So let’s take a look at progressive jackpots, how they work, where you can find them and most importantly, are they worth playing?

As we all know, a jackpot is the big prize of the slot. It can hit tens of thousands or even a few million pounds, depending on the game. In regular slots, jackpots ranging anywhere near the millions are rare, simply because the slot maker has to allocate the prizes on the assumption that more money will be lost to the game than the total jackpot. Because of this, a regular jackpot will never compare to the mega wins seen on progressive games.

Progressive jackpot games allow for bigger jackpots because the prize grows continuously as the slot is played. A percentage of every coin spent adds to the progressive jackpot for a lucky winner to pick up later. Instead of guessing the chances of a player winning the jackpot, the jackpot simply grows with the number of people playing. This allows them to get much bigger, up to the tens of million, simply because the jackpot keeps growing until it’s won.

Online casinos have made this possible because of their huge popularity and thousands of players. Progressive jackpots are the biggest because every player contributes directly to the pot! Jackpots usually come in 3 forms. You have major, minor and then mini jackpots. The major jackpot comes with the lowest chances of winning, while obviously, the minor and mini jackpots can be won more regularly, with a lower prize. They all tick up as players spend coins, but minor and minis stay lower as they are won more often and less coins are allocated to them, retaining the balance between the major and smaller jackpots.

Progressive jackpots are won through bonus rounds. By spinning 3 scatter symbols, the slot will then open a bonus mode. Bonus rounds come in many forms, such as a pinball style game, or a wheel of fortune set up. From here you can win money as you usually would with any slot bonus. But in addition, you can also win a mini, minor or if you’re really lucky, the major jackpot. Progressive jackpots very rarely simply won from spinning the reels.

So you’re almost always going to see a bonus round first. If you are looking for strategy or tactics, then sadly we can’t help you there. Since the jackpot is won through a bonus round, each bonus mode is different, and since it usually has very little player interaction, there’s no real way to improve your odds. It’s all down to the luck of the spin.

On the brighter side, since a jackpot can be won, even with the lowest wager possible, progressive jackpots still make sense, as you can enjoy them like a regular slot, but with the added chance that a larger jackpot might come your way. It’s like a typical slot, but with more surprises in store. So if you’re a slots fan, there’s no harm in trying them out.

So, which progressive jackpots should you look out for?

The Top 3 are Mega Fortune Dreams by NetEnt, Mega Moolah by Microgaming and the Mega Jackpot Range by IGT. All of these are made by the world’s biggest slot developers. They’re fun, they look great and they bring the biggest jackpots because of their huge player base. Mega Moolah recently broke the world record for the highest online jackpot of all time. So who knows, maybe you could be a record breaker someday too. Thanks for reading our guide to progressive jackpots, which has been provided by Casinoslots.

Basic Keno Strategies

One of the key factors for the surge in the popularity of Keno in the U.S. is the legalizing of gambling by Nevada. Soon, the game of Keno could be seen in all the casinos, where people came to try their luck at winning money, and the popularity of the game spread. With the coming of the Internet, the game of Keno has become even more popular.

For every game that you play, there is a certain element of strategy involved. This is true even of Keno. Keno is a game of fortune, and there is not much you can do to influence the course of a game, be it in the offline or the online version. However, there are still a few basic things you can do to ensure you do not end up losing more than you could have won.

The first thing to do is check that you are playing in a game that offers the maximum payout. As with some of the other gambling games, the payouts in Keno vary from one casino to another. To ensure you get to win the maximum, make sure you know which casinos have the best payouts and play only in these casinos.

It is also important that you play Keno more to have a good time and relax than win. The randomness of the game, be it the online or the offline version, ensures you cannot adopt any sure shot strategy to win all the time. Do not waste time trying out stuff like breaking the code, thinking through the game, etc. All these are no good as the basis of winning in this game is luck, and not skill.

Instead, try and play Keno for fun. Use the game as a means of relaxation and entertaining yourself, and you will see yourself enjoying it. When you play for fun, the good feeling that comes from winning money gets multiplied many times over.

Thanks for reading this article, I hope, you have learned something new. I really enjoy sharing my passion with you. Be sure to check other articles about games and casino. Stay tuned for new materials. Be responsive with your game and your money, Good luck, and don`t forget to have fun!

About Bankroll Management

A sound rule for bankroll management is this, bring a low enough portion of your bankroll to the game that you can focus solely on the game and not on the money that you have in front of you. The more cautious you are with your bankroll, the more capable you will be of riding out the downswings in variance that are a fundamental part of poker. No one is a winner on every single night at the table, but if you only bring a manageable portion of your bankroll to the game, you can ride out the nights when it’s just not meant for you.

Another aspect of bankroll management which is important is deciding when you should move up to higher stakes or move down to lower stakes from the game that you are playing. Typically you want to play in a game where you are getting the greatest edge but sometimes it is possible that this game will not make the most money in the long run. Most players are drawn to games where higher stakes are involved but it may not be best for you as the player to play in those games. If you find that you have been able to beat a game at a certain stakes for an extended period of time, and feel that you would be capable of handing the mental shift to a higher stakes game, then it might be time to give it a try.

It is important to make sure your bankroll can handle the potential that you will not fare well in the new game. Likewise, if you find that you are unsuccessful in a game it may be time to go down in stakes to a game that you can be profitable in. There is a bit of a stigma in the poker community about moving down in limits, but it is something that a responsible player will do as often as is needed to make sure they are playing with a stable bankroll. In summary, the bankroll you have determines the game that you should play in and quite possibly the level of play you will find in front of you. If you make smart decisions regarding your bankroll, you will set yourself up to be a more successful player.