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– The tennis, the baseball. There’s no basketball on there. – We played 2K16 a while back and I did not do very… – Yo, put me on NBA Street back on the GameCube. I’ma [bleep] some [bleep] up, though. – (FBE) So, it’s not just this. There’s a whole tournament tree.

We’re trying to find a champion today. – (both) Oh no. – I’ve never won a challenge. – (FBE) We’re doing something a little bit different this time around. The winner with the highest score of all the first round sports betting on basketball games is gonna go straight to the finals, while the other two winners will have to face off in a semi finals playoff. – Oh, okay, okay.

– Oh, snap. So, one of us could throw it, and then just let the other person continue dunking, and then one of us is in the finals. – We could, dude, except I don’t wanna go to the meeting today, so one of us will have to go. – (FBE) So, we’re gonna show you the controls off camera in just a moment here, but you think you’re ready to get into it? – Yay. – All right.

– I haven’t played a 2K game in ages and she’s not showing any signs of confidence, which is making my ego go up. Let’s see what happens. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – Cavs or Golden State?

No, I’ll be the Celtics. I love the Celtics. I gotta– I’m Boston Tom.

I have to believe. – You might as well. I’m just gonna do the Lakers, ’cause I’m a noob.

– There you go. Lakers vs Boston. This is rough, because I live in LA now, but I’m from Boston. This is sad. – Wow, dude.

– He throws it up. – What the [bleep] am I doing? – Oh boy, you gonna get crossed.

Ah, skirt! Oh, he’s dunking! – [bleep].

– Oh, sorry. That’s two. – (announcer) Shot from sixteen. – Just dunk it. You’re so tall.

Thank you. Oh, that’s the [bleep] layup I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I know I’m controlling you, and I did the [bleep] layup, but seriously.

Boy. The knowledge of the game of actual basketball does help because you know who’s a good three point shooter, or… – (groans) – (announcer) Over in the corner, Caldwell-Pope to end the drought. – Ah! (groans) – Shoo! Aw. End of first quarter, okay.

All right, not bad. That’s six to zero. – (announcer) Celtics lead by six. – (female announcer) Brown was an idol of mine. – Brandon’s owned at shooting threes.

– Damn it. – There you go. Shoot it, put it up. – Oh, oh baby!

[bleep] you! – Not today, not today. You ain’t getting that. You think I’m just gonna give it to you? Here, whoop. – (announcer) Fires the three.

– Look it. Nice and easy. Oh, look at those pump fakes.

Ah, sorry. – (announcer) Here’s Kuzma. – Bitch, if you don’t [bleep]– about time.

– Damn it. – (announcer) Here’s Ingram. – Ingram. – (announcer) Hits the front of the rim and out two. – He’s got it. Skirt.

Oh, half time, [bleep]. I had a breakaway. – (announcer) Paul runs point with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope to his side. – Oh, snap.

– Oh, [bleep]! – Breakaway. How do you dunk?

(groans) – (female announcer) The monstrous wingspan also… – Oh, rims off the glass, okay. – [Bleep] finally, dog. – Okay. Swing it. Oh boy.

Come on, one more. Come on! Ugh, end of the third, Brandon, how you feeling? – [Bleep]. – Oh, Brandon for three. – [Bleep] finally.

I swear to God, if you just come back right now, I’m gonna be so [bleep] pissed. I’m running the clock. I don’t even give a [bleep]. Why’d you have to do that?

– I wanted the ball. – Whoop, whoop. – (announcer) It can definitely be considered a statement win for the Celtics.

– Brandon, Brandon’s just trying to foul out. You’re just stopping the clock, which is an actual basketball strategy, but we’re gonna shoot. – I wanna just steal the [bleep] ball. – Slightly early!

The 64, I make it. – You made it. – Oh, I tried to snag that early.

In basketball, my dad used to call me the mosquito, ’cause I was good at defense and I was annoying and I was really small. Oh, shoot, I– damn it, I forgot– always look at the clock. – That’s it. – Good game.

♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – I’m going with the Chicago Bulls, because one of my favorite artists when I was younger, that’s his favorite basketball team. – I’m gonna go with the Golden State Warriors because they have Steph Curry. I’m sweating. – I’m nervous.

I’m shaking. Okay, okay. – He’s just gonna throw it?

– Oh, you. Okay, I’m defense, right? Okay, I wanna block her, right? Which player am I?

No, no, no, no. Get the ball. – No, no. – Don’t go in the basket. Okay, ooh, where is that?

Did it go in? No! It bounced off.

I was so close. No, no, no. – Why don’t I– oh!

– Aw, damn it, okay. Come on. – Did I foul you?

– I’m disappointed too, number two. – What, you got a free throw for that? – How do I– okay. Yes.

– Good job. – No, block it, block it. – I just think they should be making those. I also get nervous, ’cause I don’t know how to… – Ah, so close. Yes. – Good job.

– That was stressful, thank you. I don’t know what I’m doing. – Thank you? Why are you thanking me?

– You said “Good job.” I was like, “Thank you.” – End of first quarter.

– Okay, no, no, no. – Oh man! Did you see that?

X, I don’t mean square. – No, don’t get in, don’t get in. – What, what? – Yes. – You had the whole basket open to yourself.

– Come on, come on, come on. Come on, come on. That was a bad shot. – I still keep doing that.

Okay, good. Halftime. – (announcer) They really don’t care who gets to score.

– Come on, ugh. – Ooh, good job. – Yes.

I don’t wanna get a foul on the ball. – I think sometimes they need to make it more often. – (announcer) You want to set the tone for the rest of the game, but going one for four, – Oh, good job. – Okay.

– See, I told you. This game, you can really go… – I don’t know what’s happening right now. – Come back really quickly. – I can’t even talk right now.

I’m just like… – I just wanna score a three. Oh no! It takes a while for my eyes to process. – I know. That third quarter went so fast. – (sighs) – Okay, you see?

Now, she’s fifteen points ahead. You wanna foul me in that box a couple times? – (laughs) I did. – In the box, though? – And I didn’t do it on purpose.

– Come on, guys. You can do this. Teamwork.

– I think I just gave you a three point. Good job. – Portis, my man. – Good job.

– Let’s get back in this. I’m feeling good. I can’t make up, but I feel good.

– (announcer) We see the Warriors taking the game. – It was stressful. – I wanted to diss it, but it was pretty fun. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – I’ma go with this.

It just says one, one, and second. I’m like, all right. – I don’t play 2K games, so I’ma be pulling off some mad jumpers and hope for the best.

– Wait, am I blue? – I’m blue. – Okay. – (announcer) Favorite rivals to compete against. You know, just growing up… – Eh, who am I?

– Go, go, go, go. – You bitch! Ah! – Look at that layup. – How do I shoot again? – Press circle and square.

– That’s what I’m doing. I did it. Get, get.

– Foul. You fouled. All right. – How do you draw a foul? – By making you hit me. – Does it just happen?

Oh man, I’ma square up with everybody in this team. – (announcer) He’s off on the second. – All right, wait.

Am I supposed to hold it or is it double tap? – (FBE) No, you hold it. – What did I do wrong? – Okay, my shots are gonna start becoming better.

– Why– – What are you doing? – I fight you! Okay. – Oh crap. – “Very late.”

What does that mean? – You still made it. – Yay, I got four points.

Hit the guy. – I don’t know why I did that. – Ah! – Oh, I still got it back! – What?

– Right, cool. – I’m just gonna shoot. Go! No, go. What happened?

– Foul on hoop. That wasn’t me. That was the AI.

– Why? I’m so bad at this. Wait, so why are you on this side now? – ‘Cause we switched sides ’cause of the quarter change. – Oh, get in. Yay.

Got three points out of that. Man, I’m gonna keep doing that. Or try to. Wait, where am I? Go this way, no. Get out of my way.

– Layups. – Pass! Pass the other way. Argh! – Jesus Christ.

Holy [bleep]. – Why did you jump that way? – Ah.

– (announcer) And so, it’s the Golden State Warriors. – Come here. – Oh, crap.

– Let me give you a hug. – I don’t want a hug from you. – I learned how to jump!

Oh my God, this is more convenient and I’m still gonna lose. – Whoo! – Where are you going? – Pass to that guy.

– Ah! – Put it up, aw. – Ah! – Back up.

– Ah! – Thank you. – This is giving me anxiety.

– (announcer) Now, here’s Murray. It’s Ginobli outside. That one’s not gonna go. – Dang it.

– (announcer) So we see the Warriors get the win here. – That was interesting. – You did great. ♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – (FBE) Since Sabrina had the highest score of all the first round games, the winner here in this semi final will face her in the finals.

– I’m ready. – It’s gonna be an interesting game. – It’s gonna be– I heard we scored pretty close.

– It’s gonna be interesting. – I don’t know how this is gonna go. I’m really nervous.

Ah, someone was Golden State? No wonder why they won. – (laughs) – I’m gonna be– I’ma stick with the Celtics. – Ah man, if you go Celt– [bleep], I might have to go back to Golden State. – I knew it! I knew it!

– I want Curry on my starting five. Damn it. You pressed triangle before I did. – (announcer) Ah man, they’re gonna need a lot of ointment after this game. – Come on, look at him! – Ah wait, I forgot.

I’m Golden State, [bleep]! Take it up, take it up. Pass it up. Ah, come on! I had him at the pump fake! Come on, now!

That’s you. No, he was open! Who was leaving their man open? – All right, no one is open right now. – Good. No one should be except for– why!?

– (laughs) I’m just getting layups. – Who was that? – Oh, oh. No one on here. Nice shot, nice shot. – Thank you, Jesus.

– I just wanna be extremely tall. What does it feel like? – It’s pretty great.

– (laughs) It’s pretty [bleep] awesome. – Damn it. I keep going out of bounds. – No, I think that was the end of the quarter. Oh, give me that!

– Give me this! – Oh, [bleep]. – Oh, take me in. – There were four guys in there, too.

– Take in me in tonight. Oh no, no! Brah!

– Break the backboard. – Where is my team at? Oh, take it in, take it in.

– Oh, sit down, sit down. All right, we got it. – How was that not a foul? – Look at– oh boy. – I don’t even see these plays coming.

– Fast break, he’s wide open. – No, no, West! What are you doing? What’s happening right now!? – One more.

– Give me that. Let’s go. Pass it up there. Ah, I was going for the three! – Jumped too early.

Good shot. – Why aren’t they making these easy shots? Thank you. – I’m falling hard, come on. I don’t know who I was covering on that.

– No, yeah. – That’s you. He just got sat on. – Ah, go. Pass that right there. – Oh, it’s a foul.

That was a bad foul. – That was not the person I wanted to pass to. I wanted to give it to Durant.

– Put the burners on, Smart. – No, bitch, [bleep]. – End of third quarter.

– Should’ve stuck with [bleep] Cavs. Durant, why are you so far off your man? – Oh, [bleep]. I jumped way early.

Come on. Oh no, why did I have to [bleep] foul? – Oh my God. – Where’s the foul, ref? Come on, get some glasses.

– Green. Whoo, there we go, baby! – All right, we’re going for the shot. Run it. Speed boost. – Oh, Jesus.

– Ah. I wanted a buzzer beater. That’s all I wanted my whole life. – Should’ve gone Cavs. I knew I should’ve gone Cavs.

♪ (electric guitar) ♪ – I just waltzed in. – Yeah, you just waltzed in, go to the top. I had to claw my way here. It wasn’t pretty. A lot of people got hurt.

I am going to stay with my Celtics, because Boston pride. – I’m gonna go back to my Golden State, because they proved me well. – At least I know which color I am this time. – What? – I didn’t know which color I was. Stop it.

Don’t worry about it. My heart’s racing. – I really liked it. I’m not a gamer at all and it was a lot of fun. – Thanks for watching us go toe to toe on the React Channel. – Subscribe for more great shows every day.

– Bye guys, I’m the NBA 2K18 master. – Hey everybody, Derek here, one of the React Channel producers. The big question now I know everybody’s wondering is whose name do I shout out when I shoot a piece of paper into a trash can. It can’t be Koby. Who is it? Let me know in the comments.