Matched Betting Explained: Lesson #6 Finding a Good Match – Make Money from Home – Top Tier Betting.

so lesson number six is about finding a good much by this I mean a close match between the backwards at the bookmaker and the layouts on your children exchange this will be useful for both qualifying that’s fun free bets in this example I’ll use coral and markets although it’s possibly the most important lesson in much pain it’s also very simple all we have to do is go through different sporting events checking and comparing the back and lay out as we go lets you jump straight into it go to the College homepage all over do is select the sport if we go football want to click on football on the call home page will take you to the in-plane market which personally I’d avoid because as you can see the odds moves too quickly if we scroll down a little bit and we can see today’s football matches here we have a game between West time and manchester city city are odds of 1.7 these are the backwards if we now go to market we can see that the manchester city game is actually on the homepage is probably because it’s the you know feature game of the day so if we click onto it we can see that the layout for lunch city are 1.75 if we put into the calculator let’s select qualifier to put 10 pounds of the box take just for an example the records are 1.7 and the lay odds are 1.75 the Commission with market to prevent good crack click calculate we can see that the loss will be 37 parents honest but that is more than acceptable on a 10-pound qualifying bet we look to lose less than 50 pence and if we just try and find another example we see this dundee united game here my cards for this team are 1.8 and the layouts are 1.89 we put these into the calculator 1.8 and 1.89 we can see that the odds here are actually too far apart we wouldn’t want to take these odds as we’d be losing more than five percent of our steak we believe more than five percent of our 10 pound steak which is an acceptable loss you’ll notice that for a lot of the officers at the minimum back odds are too so we’ll just find another example odds of two or more if we go back to coral we can see this the bomb much here this team is observed 2.37 if we find them on the exchange we can see that their layouts are 2.44 if we can put this into the calculator 2.37 are the buckets and 2.4 are the layouts we can see this is a qualifying loss on this that would be four pence that is more than acceptable so I’ve said before it really as simple as checking comparing the odds between bookmaker and the exchange hope that this is made it a bit more easy to understand if there’s anything you don’t understand please contact us through the contact page