About Us

“Opening the Door to Wellness”

The Summersville Wellness Center serves Nicholas County High School and Summersville Junior High School in Nicholas County, West Virginia. This School-Based Health Center was created at the beginning of the 2000-2001 school year under a Federal Rural Health Outreach Grant. The Nicholas County Board of Education, Summersville Memorial Hospital, and a variety of community agencies assist the program. Explore our site and help us “Open the Door to Wellness”!!!

Who are we?

The Summersville Wellness Center Staff are employed by Summersville Memorial Hospital. The current staff members are (pictured left to right) Michele Robinson, Betsy Martin and Jennifer Pinard. Michele Robinson is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience in hospital and home health nursing. Her special interests include diabetes education, hepatitis education, and adolescent medicine. Michele works full-time at the Wellness Center.

Betsy Martin is the clinic’s full-time receptionist/care coordinator. Betsy is a native of Summersville. She is active in a variety of community activities and enjoys working with children and teens. Jennifer Pinard works part-time at the Wellness Center as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Jennifer holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing from WVU and is certified by the American Nurse’s Credentialing Center. Jennifer has an interest in health education, adolescent medicine, and women’s health.

What Is A Nurse Practitioner???

A nurse practitioner has advanced education, training, and certification. Within their scope of practice, NPs can diagnose and treat illness, perform health maintenance physical exams, perform limited procedures, and prescribe medications.

Summersville Memorial Hospital

Summersville Memorial Hospital is the supporting medical agency for the Summersville Wellness Center. Paula Fields, RN, MSN serves as the project coordinator. Dr Wesley Olson serves as the medical director and acts as the NP’s collaborating physician

What we offer

The Summersville Wellness Center is a school-based health center that serves Summersville Junior High School and Nicholas County High School. The pur- pose of school-based health center is to reach stu- dents who do not have a regular health care provider and to decrease the amount of time that any child must miss school for medical care or illness.

Parents must complete a consent form for their child to utilize the services at the Wellness Center. If you need a consent form, please contact your child’s school or the Wellness Center staff. Under grant funding, most services provided at the Well- ness Center are free of charge. The clinic offers a variety of services…

· Assist school personnel in dealing with medical emergen- cies and acute injuries.

· Administer over the counter medications and first-aid to help a child remain in school for minor complaints.

· Appointments with the Nurse Practitioner for acute illness and injury . · Follow-up care and education for long-term illnesses.

· Physical exams, Health Check exams, and Sports Physicals. Allergy Injections.

· Flu Shot Clinics.

· Hepatitis Immunizations.

· Vision and Hearing Screens.

· Blood Pressure Screening. Individual Health Education and Preventive Medicine Counseling. · Health Education Programs presented in, the schools.